Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Musing about Lenses

We all see life differently, as if we were looking through a camera. What we see, what is in focus, how wide a view we have, etc. is all dependant on the setting we have on our 'camera,' our life. These settings are our beliefs and attitudes. The image we see is also influenced by filters on the lens, such as Christianity, morality, etc. 

What filters do I have on my life? 

What settings are my life currently on?

I recently read Job 38-39 with the settings of my mind changed, due to the book I had just read (The Bible Jesus Read by Philip Yancey.) As I read the words God spoke I was not thinking of them as God's response to Job's (and mine, and my friends') suffering, I read them seeing someone who is passionately enthusiastic for what HE made (which just so happens to be the natural world that I also love.) The words of Job 38:19-20 in particular created a beautiful 'photo' is my head:

Where does light come from, and where does darkness go?
Can you take each to its home?

Can you also see the little houses for the light and the dark, they look like little Toadstools. There are also ones for the rain and the moon and all the other elements of nature which we can't always see. When they are not 'on duty' they all come out of their little houses and play fun games together. Jesus often joins them and they laugh together and remember the day he first made them...

This photo was taken the other day when I was playing with the settings on my new camera and discovering how much it changed the picture when I did that!


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